Acne & Cleansing

  • Treatment to reduce inflammation
  • Its lubricating characteristics prevents dry skin
  • It clears sun spots and damages, smoothen wrinkles and rough faces, and halts acne.
  • To brighten complexion and lighten the skin
  • Provides essential oil to revive and moiturize a dull and dry skin

Toning & Skin-evening

  • To treat stretch marks on face skin
  • Nourishes the skin and creates natural resistance to skin tear and breakage
  • Whitening effecct for skin tone improvement
  • Replenishes drab and rough skin with brightening energy for beautiful and smooth skin
  • Removes skin blemishes and uneven skin tone
  • Normalizes the oil level of face skin to maintsin healthier skin

Collagen repair & Anti-wrinkle

  • Increases collagen production, causing improvemrnt in skin elasticity
  • Improves and prevents signs of skin aging
  • Removes wrinkles, firmness, sun damages, and age spots for a youger and brighter looking skin
  • Removes eczema and prevents environmental damage to the skin
  • It improves skin vitality and radiance